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Call Dr. Waldt at (505) 695-1227 for your FREE WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTATION TO discvocer if it’s right for you. You deserve to have the body you want and the best solutions & plan to get you there. Dr. Waldt uses medications, hormone optimization, and natural thermogenic/metabolic supplements to enhance weight loss.

Dr. Waldt’s office is located at 2803 Doral Court Las Cruces, NM 88011.


Ready to lose 20-60 pounds

( without depriving yourself)?

Dr. Waldt is a medical physician in Las Cruces who specializes in weight loss. His program succeeds where others have failed. Don’t give up! We can do this together.
Dr. Waldt is located at 2900 Hillrise Drive, on the corner of Telshor & Hillrise.


Dr. Glenn J. Waldt

will help you lose weight

Help! I’m 40-Pounds Overweight, With an Incredibly Demanding Career and Two Small Kids...

Dr. Waldt gets it! You’ve tried every yo-yo diet out there and restricted yourself for years, if not decades. Feeling like you can never wear “skinny” clothes, disliking what you see in the mirror, and covering up at the beach… We’ve been there too.
And, we’ve helped many of our patients go from feeling tired, sluggish, and frustrated to melting off 30 lbs. in 30days. We’ve even helped some lose more than 150 lbs! The best part? We’ve helped them keep this weight off for years. And today, we’ve coached hundreds of busy women & men, just like you, to lose 20-60 pounds and more (without restricting themselves or doing a single sit-up).


I’ll let you in on a secret: 80% of your weight loss is food, metabolism, and hormones.

As a licensed medical physician, Dr. Waldt uses both medication-based & natural supplement-based programs with his patients.

Dr. Waldt will help you create a permanent lifestyle change so that you can live in your empowered & good-looking/good-feeling body every day.

Want to boost your metabolism, get the bikini body, and keep your weight off for good?
Get access to the physician-approved & proven methods that help you melt off your weight while you eat tasty food and enjoy life to the full!

The Four Body Types: Are you one?

Did you know that your body shape can be a direct result of hormones? No matter what shape your body is, it is likely to be linked to a hormone. Recognizing your body shape and how hormones play a role in how your body is shaped is the first step to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle, while achieving the body shape you desire.Welcome 300x287Logo


The Adernal Shape

Adrenal glands are directly tied to stress and how the body copes with stress. If too much stress builds up inside you...

The Thyroid Shape

The Thyroid is a gland that can be found in your lower neck. This small but crucial gland makes hormones that control...

The Ovary Shape

Much like the thyroid shape, the ovary shape is often triggered by a spike in estrogen. This body type is most common...

The Liver Type

The liver type is that person with skinny legs and arms and a large, protruding belly. These people have a correctable condition...

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