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Highlights of

Dr. Waldt's Post-graduate Medical Training

Medical internship training

Following medical college, Dr. Waldt pursued a 1-year post-graduate rotating osteopathic internship with training in family practice, pediatrics, OB/GYN, internal medicine, radiology, neurology, interventional pain procedures, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Medical residency training

After his internship year, Dr. Waldt pursued 2 additional years of post-graduate training in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions & pain conditions).


Dr. Waldt achieved the highest score of all physicians in the nation who took the medical resident in-service examination in his medical speciality in the year 2020. Dr. Waldt also scored in the top 20th percentile of all physicians who took the National Medical Board Exam Part III (clinical content) in 2019.  

Since 2002, Dr. Waldt has been the doctors' doctor.  He's not quite sure why other doctors often seek him out for treatment.  He has a sneaking suspicion it's not because he's the best or brightest or because he's the most excellent clinician in world.  Maybe it's because he tends to be humble & "down-to-earth," a clear communicator, and because it's easy to tell he earnestly wants the best for his patients.  Dr. Waldt puts patients #1 and he works hard to get them the results they want.  Dr. Waldt does his very best to achieve quick and sustainable outcomes for his patients and his depth of caring & diligence shows.  

Dr. Waldt tends to be an out-of-the-box thinker.  Although he subscribes to "evidence informed" patient management and patient care principles, these values do not  encumber his practice model.  Also, Dr. Waldt is a perennial student of his craft.  He is always learning and is rarely satisfied with the "old methods" if they haven't been proven to be the best methods.  

Lastly, but not leastly... "We take pain seriously and we take our patients' needs & wants seriously... but life's too short to take ourselves so seriously!" says Dr. Waldt.  

Creative Comunications

Dr. Waldt says, "Life is too short to live in pain!  Our bodies want to be well.  There are small changes I can help you make that will get us feeling good again.  I can help you do this.  We'll do it together.  Please don't think you have to struggle or suffer alone.  In my office, we have about a 90% success rate.  We don't help everyone, but we've helped more than 6,000 people since 2002 and many of our patients had exhausted other methods and they were at the "end of their rope" before they found relief in my office.  Please understand... there is always hope & help available if you don't give up."

Dr. Waldt is convinced that regular and ongoing gentle chiropractic & osteopathic care is necessarily a big part of the health and healing piece for all families.

Let's help you get to that wonderful place of health & healing and then let's keep you and your family there!

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